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Are you looking for a healthy, flawless, and beautiful complexion? Well we found it! Introducing Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up.

The Difference...


Mesa Make-up salonYou may ask what's the difference between Jane and other mineral make-up's. The answer is EVERTHING.

This line of mineral make-up was created as an extension of your skin care routine. It's so healthy for your skin even the most sensitive person can wear it. That's because of the ingredients not found in it such as oil, FD&C dyes, talc, fragrance, synthetic preservatives, para bans, and other fillers that are have no purpose on the skin.


What Jane Iredale does have is a four in one concentrated mineral base that becomes your foundation, powder, concealer, and sunscreen all in one while giving you light- weight unsurpassed coverage on your skin. It is allergy and sensitivity tested and is FDA approved as well as recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Jane doesn't just stop with foundations, she has a whole cosmetic line filled with kits, brushes, blushes, shadows, liners, lipsticks and much more. Come in and let your skin to feel the difference!




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